The Birds Are Out & About in Bristol, CT & You Know What That Means…

...It's Time for Spring Service at Hoffman Toyota!

Being so close to the town of Bristol, CT, we at Hoffman Toyota know as well as you do that the seasons around here change everything, from the landscape to the flora and fauna, but there is one more thing a new season should do: remind you to take care of important seasonal maintenance!

Getting the Springtime maintenance your Toyota needs is easier when you service with Hoffman Toyota. That's because we keep a professional, onsite Toyota Service Center, and scheduling from home in Bristol is a breeze when you take advantage of our handy Online Service Scheduler.

Three Things Your Springtime Service Should Include

  • Battery Check: There's no two ways about it—the cold weather can really do a number on your car's battery, so when you bring your Toyota Camry or Toyota RAV4 in for spring service, we'll be sure to check the connections and charge, cleaning off any debris, checking for corrosion, and making sure everything is in working order. If you've been driving on your current battery for five or more years, it might be time to consider a new one!
  • Tires: Whether you switch over to winter tires during the snowy season or not, it's important to pay a little attention to your tires when getting your springtime service. The temperature affects air pressure, so when you come to us for service, we'll make sure tire pressure is optimal. IN addition to that, we'll also check your tire treads for appropriate wear and tear and to ensure they aren't wearing unevenly. If they are, you would likely benefit from a tire rotation.
  • Wiper Blades: You know what spring means in Bristol, CT: rain. Since we know what's coming, we can also take steps to be prepared. The winter can be very harsh on the soft part of your windshield wipers (the blades), so when you come in for spring service, we'll check them for fraying, tearing, or detachment—that way, when the rainy season arrives in full, you'll be well equipped.


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