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For over 20 years, North American audiences have been without a new model Supra. Luckily, that wait ends now. Toyota has just announced the 2020 Toyota Supra, available in two grades: 3.0 and 3.0 Premium, as well as a limited Launch Edition version. This small two-seater sports car boasts crisp handling thanks to a low center of gravity and its short wheelbase and wide track. In addition to the look and feel we all know and love, the 2020 Toyota Supra comes with the modern conveniences that we expect from a Toyota, making the 2020 Supra great as a daily driver. This includes LED headlights, rearview cameras, auto-dimming mirrors, automatic climate control, and rain-sensing wipers. Depending on which version you get, it also comes with a 5.6-inch or 8-inch computer screen display and optional adaptive cruise control.

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?Image Credit: Automotive News


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