If you're lucky enough to have a roof rack on your vehicle, it is imperative that you use it correctly. If you are considering having one installed, it's equally important to do so properly. Either way, Hoffman Toyota suggests that you understand how a roof rack works. Improper use can cause problems for your luggage and your vehicle.

When installing a roof rack, make sure to follow the directions. A rack that is not installed right will not work! Also, make sure to tighten the rack to the vehicle's ceiling at just the right torque. Furthermore, you'll need to use some type of lubrication on the bolt threads. This will allow you to remove the rack when necessary.

Once the rack is installed, be sure to engage in proper use. You should take down the rack when it is not in use. Also, get help when putting items on the rack. Always be aware of the height of your stacked items to avoid problems when entering garages. Additionally, make sure to use locks on the rack to prevent items from being stolen. Hoffman Toyota can provide many more tips for roof rack use.

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