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Toyota Battery Service & Replacement

When searching for a new Toyota battery service near West Simsbury, CT, stop by Hoffman Toyota and our expert Toyota technicians will take care of you and your vehicle. Your Toyota's battery is responsible for providing dependable starting power. It also provides the power needed to run electrical components and accessories such as your interior and exterior lighting, power seats, windows, and radio. Before it's too late, be sure to schedule your next battery service appointment here at Hoffman Toyota.

Signs Its's Time To Change Your Battery

If you answer "yes" to any of these questions below please bring your vehicle to Hoffman Toyota for battery service.
  • Has your battery outlived its warranty period?
  • Have any warning lights come on?
  • Has your vehicle been jump-started lately?
  • Have you had to use a portable charger to recharge your battery lately?
  • Do the lights dim when the A/C or heat is on?
  • Has your vehicle had alternator or belt problems recently?
  • Is there visible corrosion on the battery posts or cables?

Toyota TrueStart Battery

Created and trusted by Toyota engineers is the TrueSmart battery. These batteries offer the most suitable mixture of cold cranking amps (CCA) and reserve capacity (RC) for reliable performance. To find out more about these batteries call or schedule an appointment at Hoffman Toyota today.

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At Hoffman Toyota, it's understood that a car battery can die on you at the worst possible time. Anticipate that from occurring by visiting us in West Simsbury, CT, and we'll run a diagnosis on it for free. If you need a new battery, we'll help however we can.

Service Review

"I was pleased that Jim listened to my concerns regarding my recent purchase and was willing to resolve them without question! I will continue to have service performed at the dealership! Thanks (Battery replacement and Recall)" - FPRO71,


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