The Stunning Exterior of the Toyota Avalon

The Toyota Avalon is a full-sized sedan that is the epitome of luxury. This vehicle available at Hoffman Toyota is capable of comfortably seating five adults. The Avalon provides a smooth ride on the streets of West Simsbury, and it really captures the attention of other drivers with its stunning exterior.

The Toyota Avalon is equipped with LED headlights in the front and LED tail lights in the rear. The LED lights use less energy, and they provide superior illumination in snowy, rainy and misty conditions. The Avalon also offers dynamic turn signals which flash across the front of the Avalon providing a unique look when you are turning.

The Avalon also offers 19-inch wheels. These wheels add a luxurious look to the vehicle. The wheels are machine finished with a unique design. The chrome spokes are accented with a glossy black finish that really makes the design of the wheels stand out.



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